Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New artists in the E.U.: The European Border Breakers Awards

Culture-wise, the E.U. has a program called 'The European Border Breakers Awards'. It's a program intended to bolster the careers of young, European artists. Read more about it here at the European Commission's website for culture.

The winners for the 2014 awards were:

Gugabriel from Austria
Lukas Graham from Denmark
Woodkid from France
Zedd from Germany
Asgeir from Iceland
Kodaline from Ireland
Jacco Gardner from the Netherlands
Envy (who have since changed their name to Nico and Vince) from Norway
Icona Pop from Sweden
Disclosure from the United Kingdom

I must admit that I only know Lukas Graham and Icona Pop, but I will do my best to check them all out.

You can also see videos from these artists at this site (my music blog): The Good Music Blog.

Enjoy the music!

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