Friday, February 7, 2014

EU affairs sites just in time for the weekend: EUobserver, BBC News, and The New York Times

To get your daily update on EU affairs I recommend that you go check out the following sites:

Great news site dedicated to EU issues and current events.

BBC News
As always, high quality all the way. Good features and analyses.

The New York Times
Pretty much the same high standard as the BBC, although - for some reason - the U.S. media still seem to underestimate the importance of Europe. But when they do get around to it 'over there', it's classy journalism (and the new website is simple, elegant, and quite user-friendly).

Honorable mentions: Euronews and European Voice. Admittedly, these might as well be in the above category, but especially European Voice seems very EU-nerdish. But of course, that is only a good thing. Beware of the pay-wall, though.

Have a nice weekend!

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