Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to Across the Pond!

This blog's purpose is to increase Americans' understanding of European society and politics, and to increase Europeans' understanding of American society and politics.

In my opinion, Americans and Europeans have stereotypical views of one another and - in particular - about each other's politics. Roughly speaking, Americans view Europeans - particularly those living in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany - as socialists. And, using the same type of prejudice, Italians are simply corrupt. Likewise, Europeans tend to view Americans as gunslinging cowboys. Neither, of course, are accurate.

This blog is intended to provide a more nuanced view of both sides - one that is fair to both sides. I have a background which makes it possible to see both sides. I live in Europe in one of the Scandinavian countries and therefore have first hand experience with European politics and culture. But I have also studied America extensively. I hold a bachelor's degree in English and international marketing and a master's in English and intercultural market studies. In addition to this, I am currently studying for my B.Sc. in sociology and cultural analysis. I - as most people - have devoured American films, music, and books with great satisfaction (most of the time). So no anti-Americanism from this European :-)

Due to the media's natural desire to focus on conflict and "the good stories", I will try an approach that seeks more than that. The media covers day-to-day developments very well - depending on which outlet one chooses, of course - but since conflict-seeking is in its blood, the media (both print and television) often misses the underlining causes and explanations of political developments. It is the hope of this blog that its readers will find that it provides a little extra compared to the traditional media.

Again; welcome!

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